Scott Loftin

Let 35+ Years of Information Technology Experience Help Your
Startup, Small, or Medium-Sized Organization

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Fractional CTO, Evangelist, Mentor

For organizations that need an objective technology review or don't have the need for a full-time Chief Technology Officer, I can:
  • Perform a comprehensive technology assessment
  • Provide on-going coordination and monitoring of all technology tasks, plans, and resources so they fit within the bigger picture
  • Be the technology "evangelist" for your organization, making sure the technology strategy serves the business strategy
  • Create short- and long-term technology roadmaps that include hardware, software and "liveware" (people)
  • Audit your security practices and assist with any risk mitigation strategies
  • Provide a complete strategy for researching and moving to cloud-based infrastructure (If appropriate), along with vendor and product suggestions, as well as cost and benefit analyses
  • Plan and execute a performance analysis and deliver recommendations to improve and shore- up any related issues
  • Perform due diligence for technology acquisitions or mergers


Strategy & Vision

Strategy - the "art" of planning and directing...if it were only that simple. Let me help you develop a strategic plan that matches your priorities, goals, constraints, resources, and budgets. It can be short-term, long-term, or anywhere in between. I can help you create your roadmap and walk beside you as you begin to execute the plan so you arrive at "point b" relatively unscathed. read more...


Is your infrastructure not living up to expectations? Do your developers complain about slow servers? Are your software and hardware working "together" to get the most bang for your buck? Do your applications or web sites buckle under pressure when precious traffic shows up in droves? Let me audit your systems with an unbiased eye that sees both hardware and software with a critical more...

Cloud Technology

Does your organization truly understand the cloud, how it works, when it's valuable, and when it's not? Do you have a potential "storm" brewing because you pay for multiple cloud environments? Let me clarify how it works, when to use them, and when not to. I can also help you develop a solid cloud strategy, select appropriate vendors, and ensure that security, disaster recovery, and availability aren't after more...


Security (or lack thereof) is all the rage. Hackers, viruses, insider threat, and breaches all threaten today's organizations and their data. Is your data secure? Have you tested that assumption? Do you know the difference between a vulnerability, a threat, and a breach? I've worked closely with private companies and the Intelligence Community to develop security measures that keep the good in and the bad out. Let me help you determine if your information really is safe, and if not, how to secure it and keep it that more...


It's been said that no house built on a shaky foundation has a solid future. The same can be said about technology. A poorly designed hardware or software architecture will surely lead lead to significant time, money, and opportunities lost. Fast servers that are mis-configured can be a waste of expensive hardware and can put you in a bad place with lightening speed. Likewise, poorly designed or poorly written software can corrupt data, destroy customer relationships, and create both legal and regulatory nightmares. Architecture, like strategy, is an art form. Let me help you realize just how valuable a truly sound architecture can be, both short-term and more...


Are you practicing Agile? Do you fear a waterfall development plan? Do your developers produce bug-free code? Everyone needs a process around their technology to keep it humming, meeting its user's needs and delivering results your organization can count on. That process doesn't have to be just Agile or traditional...hybrid approaches that fit YOUR environment and workforce are truly beautiful to behold. Let me take a look at current processes and guide you towards smoothing out the bumps and bruises they may be more...


Successful executive and entrepreneur drawing on three decades of software expertise
I am a 35-­year veteran of the software industry with a background in multiple markets. My experience includes programming and large system architecture, management and coordination of multiple teams , and executive leadership and strategy. I've been involved with:
  • software development for a leading-edge fiber manufacturer
  • support for clinical research within the National Institute of Health
  • architecting huge information systems sold to some of the largest utility companies
  • leading all the technology for one of the largest communications companies in Brazil
  • starting my own regional ISP
  • working with one of the coolest people I’ve ever known to build
  • managing over two hundred web sites, including one for former president Bill Clinton
  • building systems for the IC (Intelligence Community)
  • enjoying the role of a Chief Technology or Chief Information Officer since 2000
I thoroughly understand site architecture, visitor behavior, and the elegant use of analytic data to expand both reach and customer loyalty. I have worked in the cloud space since Amazon launched their AWS services in 2006. For about six years, I was the Senior Technical Director for the only FedRAMP ­certified Desktop-as-a-Service solution for the federal government. Currently, I am the CTO of Fathom Realty, helping to disrupt the industry with high value, low cost solutions at a national scale. I bring to the table solid work experience, a strong focus on the customer, and proven leadership skills.

Personal Info

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I have found Scott to be not only an exceptionally talented technologist, but also a good friend and great team member. Scott's understanding of technology AND business issues is exceptional. Scott is also one of the hardest working guys I've met in a long time. Even with Scott's superior intelligence and experience, he does not hesitate to listen to others' ideas. He is one of the best CTOs I've ever worked with.

Mark Hilden

COO at AdCore Local, LLC
Scott is one of the most capable people with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He and I worked closely together for a year and a half, and I found him to be highly qualified from a technical standpoint, as well as highly professional and ethical. I consider him a respected colleague as well as a friend.

Ed Pratt

Vice President at Highmark Companies
Scott is a proven technical leader who has shown time and again that he can lead virtual teams from around the world to deliver on time, within budget. I highly recommend Scott for anyone needing creative mission critical solutions that require world class technical leadership.

Mike Seebold

Technical Director, Intel Solutions at Applied Research Associates
I have worked with Scott Loftin for more than a decade in a dozen different professional settings, and I cannot say enough good things about him. Scott is incredibly professional and competent, so when he says he will do something, it gets done. He has extremely deep and wide technical konwledge on many different platforms, and easily picks up client-specific technologies as needed. Nearly anything you can imagine, Scott can bring it to life. And he can also help you create things that are beyond your imagination, because he has seen it all.

Marshall Brain

Author, Speaker, and Founder of HowStuffWorks


Let me know how I can help you and your organization as a consultant or even part-time CTO/CIO.